Mr. Swager – Course Guidelines for Physics

Overview: As a member of this class, you will consistently be challenged with high expectations regarding work, attitude, and behavior. Your success in this course will be a function of your willingness to think, work hard, and communicate.

Point System/Grading: Grades will be computed on a percentage of total points possible. Points will be earned from quizzes, lab reports, homework, tests, and participation. The exact scale is found on your required grade sheet. At any time during the year, you are required to have your correct points and grade in your possession.

Participation: Roughly 10% of your final grade will be based on class participation. Punctuality and attendance are part of this grade. Also included are preparation, courtesy, attitude, and willingness to participate in class discussions. Incomplete work, disruptions of class, and disrespect will reduce your participation grade. It is my expectation that many students will earn very high participation points.

Class Notebook: Each student will keep a class notebook. In this notebook will be all homework, class notes, lab assignments, and old quizzes or tests. You will be required to bring this notebook to class every day. I may collect all or part of the notebook contents for credit at any time.

Homework Policy: Students are required to do homework daily, and have the homework ready for
Submission when the bell rings. A maximum of 2 homework assignments per quarter will be accepted late. Late assignments will lose up to 2 points per day of lateness. Partially completed assignments will be graded on the full scale. (In other words, do NOT submit part of an assignment one day, then the other part later. You will receive credit only for what was originally turned in.) In addition, any student who turns in exactly ZERO assignments late for an entire quarter will receive a 3% grade boost at the end of the quarter.

Other Classroom Rules:
1. Student must be in his/her seat by the end of the bell. If not, the student is tardy.
2. Student also must be in his/her correct seat with homework and note materials out by the end of the bell.
3. One bathroom pass per semester.
4. No talking unless called upon.
5. If a student is absent, the student should attempt to get the notes and homework from another class member. If this fails, the student must obtain the assignment from me on the day of return at some time out of class. Preferred times for this are during 0 hour or during lunch.
6. No food or drink in class – per student handbook guidelines.
7. If class rules are not followed, class detentions may be issued. The detention time may be served before school or at lunch. If the time is not served within 48 hours of the infraction, the time doubles without notification. If the time exceeds 60 minutes, a school detention will be issued.
Policy on skipping: The consequences listed in your handbook are in effect. In addition, make-up work will be accepted, but will incur a late work policy as above.

Senior exam policy: Per handbook. All 1st semester seniors will take the final exam. No exceptions. 2nd Semester Seniors must have either an A- average OR 2 or fewer and at least a B- average.

Special Disclaimer: Any humans or animals referenced in problems or on tests are NOT REAL. They are all plastic, robotic replicas especially designed for physics problems.

-Mr. Swager