Unit Designs

Our final project in ED 422 are plans for a complete instructional unit. The unit should describe plans for 10-15 days of inquiry-rich instruction.

The project requirements are here:
Some questions that will help you evaluation your project are here: Unit Evaluation Questions

When I get your unit graded, I'll note it next to the title. The evaluation form should be linked at the bottom of your unit's cover page. - fogleman fogleman


Quist and Holoweski - Genes and DNA Unit Design (graded)
Klaver-Evolution Unit Design (graded)
Katharina Daub and Jasmin Latif Unit Design (graded)


McCaman unit design (graded)
Chen and Fancher - Thermochemistry (graded)
Thomas - Atomic Structure and Periodicity (graded)
Nelson - Chemical Equilibrium (graded)
Gleason - Measurements and Calculations (graded)
Natalie - Unit Design


Horsting - Nutrition (graded)

Earth Science

Wilmot-Weather Unit Design
Wilmot- Final Weather Unit Design (graded)
Saunders - Astronomy- Galaxies and The Universe Unit Design (graded)


Eldridge and Love Unit Design (graded)
Jewett - Wave Unit Design (graded)