This syllabus seems fairly concise to me, but also seems like it would be more directed towards the principal rather than the students in the class. I say this because I can see that the SOL’s, which I think are the Science Objectives for Learning, are all listed next to each of the headings for the curriculum. I think that this is a good idea for the teacher to know for his or her own personal benefit, but could be confusing and is unnecessary for a student to know.
As for the instructions of classroom behavior, expectations, and etiquette at the beginning of the syllabus, I think that the tone needs to be adjusted. I think that the beginning is very formal and authoritative, with statements like “Students will ___” and then moves to a more informal and sarcastic tone that is not as respectable, with phrases such as “This is a science laboratory and a classroom, not a cafeteria.”
I do think that the additions of what color ink to write in, and an explanation of the tardy policy are a good addition. However, I don’t think that the policy for late work is explained well enough, and saying that 10 points off a day is too precise, when some assignments may only be worth 10 points to begin with. A system of a grade level per day, or a percentage would be better.