There are several reasons for integrating technology into instruction, including extending the types of representations your students interact with and having your students engage in more authentic scientific practices.

++School 2.0 Technologies++

Recent advances in internet-based software has led to a host of applications that run within an internet browser and are typically free. These applications, which include word processors, spreadsheets, online journals ( a.k.a. "blogs") and collaborative websites (a.k.a. "wikis") are collaborative by design and allow groups of users to act as editors and authors.

If you are interested, here are some resources that will help you get "up to speed" on these technologies as a teacher:

[[ K12Online2006]] is a wiki created during an online conference focusing on the new web-based technologies that could be used in the classroom.

[[ Vicki Davis on Wikis]] is an award winning teacher blog. After delving into these online resources in December, 2005, Vicki has become a leading expert on using these technologies with students.