Unpacking National and State Standards

To plan instruction, we have to decide what to teach. One influence on what we teach are national and state documents that describe what students should know in the various disciplines. These descriptions often incorporate many scientific ideas. so that each "standard" or "benchmark" requires students to understand several concepts, teachers need to "unpack" them in order to address them effectively in their teaching. "Unpacking" a standard means answering three questions:
  • What does the standard mean?
  • What do students need to understand before they can understand the concepts contained in the standard?
  • What misconceptions may students already have about the ideas contained in the standard?

National Science Education Content Standards The Physics students in ED 422 collaborate to "unpack" some of these benchmarks. Here are links to their work:

Interactive Simulations on the Web

Energy Conservation

I ran across a site where you design your own sled run. Here is an embedded version:

Line Rider

Collections of physics applets

Viritueel practicumlokaal, a site with a lot of applets about almost all subjects in high school physics. The site is in Dutch, but the applets are very usefull