Science Jokes

I hope you enjoy adding the "element" of cheesy-ness as much as I do. (Get it?)

A cornerstone to any and all science teachers are the great jokes. (Disclaimer: Not accredited by Mr. Jay Fogleman!) Whether or not you agree with me, you should use these for a good chuckle. Feel free to add more! -Eric - enel enel

I agree with one qualification: Jokes told by science teachers are often funniest to the teachers. The students actually consider the fact that the teacher told the joke in the first place much funnier than the joke itself. Read some of these jokes and you'll know why. :-) - fogleman fogleman

Unpacking National and State Standards

To plan instruction, we have to decide what to teach. One influence on what we teach are national and state documents that describe what students should know in the various disciplines. These descriptions often incorporate many scientific ideas. so that each "standard" or "benchmark" requires students to understand several concepts, teachers need to "unpack" them in order to address them effectively in their teaching. "Unpacking" a standard means answering three questions:
  • What does the standard mean?
  • What do students need to understand before they can understand the concepts contained in the standard?
  • What misconceptions may students already have about the ideas contained in the standard?

The Chemistry students in ED 422 collaborate to "unpack" some of these benchmarks. Here are links to their work:

Chemistry Unit Designs

McCaman - Atomic Model unit design
Chen and Fancher - Thermochemistry
Thomas - Atomic Structure and Periodicity
Nelson - Chemical Equilibrium
Gleason - Measurements and Calculations

Demonstration Lessons

JoshMcCaman-Periodic Trends
Chen and Horsting - Nitric Acid Acts on Copper
Kristen Fancher - Gas Laws
Erin Gleason - Density
Anthony Thomas - Atomic Structure
Nelson - Electron Configuration

Inquiry Lessons

Erin Gleason - Density Inquiry
Rachel Horsting - Modeling
Victor Chen and Kristen Fancher - Ideal Gas Constant
Josh McCaman-Metals
Anthony Thomas - Creating An Effective Airbag - Revised
Eric - Mole Rocket Inquiry-based Lab

Assessment Lessons

Victor Chen and Kristen Fancher - Thermochemistry
Anthony Thomas - Atomic Structure and Periodicity
McCaman Assessment
Nelson Assessment