ED 504 Educational Technology wiki
This website has many good general teaching resources, such as quiz, survey, and rubric websites. It also has subject specific resources collected by our ed tech class on various topics. The science topics include: the galaxy, the genome, local recycling center information, and websites from experienced teachers. - racherin racherin

Professional Organizations for Science Teachers (CTools)

Facilitating Different Types of Classroom Discourse
This page contains reading notes from a book chapter distinguishing different types of classroom conversations between students and teachers.

Online Science Simulations
This page contains a bunch of simulations that some of you may or may not find useful. Thanks to Michelle for finding it.

Technology Resources
This is a list of links to various software to use in science classes.

[[http://www.mdsta.com/ Links to Online Science Teaching Resources]] compiled by the Detroit Metropolitan Science Teachers Association.

[[http://www.disciplinehelp.com/teacher/list.cfm?cause=All Classroom (Mis)behaviors List]] A search for classroom management resources will yield a huge list. Here is website that lists problem behavior types and suggests teacher responses.