Earth Science Mrs. Leslie Campbell
Massaponax High School
8201 Jefferson Davis Highway
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407
Phone: (540) 710-0419

The student will know and be able to use principles of scientific investigation and be familiar with scientific
terminology. The student will investigate and learn about geology, meteorology, oceanography, and astronomy.

Class Expectations:
Students will observe a policy of respect for their fellow students, their personal property, the teacher, and the school.

Students will arrive on time to class, and will be in their assigned seat when the bell rings or they will be considered
tardy. According to the student handbook, any student with 4 tardies in a semester will be referred to the office for
disciplinary action.

Students will turn in assignments when they are requested. Any assignment turned in after that will be considered late,
and will have 10 points deducted from the final grade for each day that it is late.

Students will do their own work. Any student caught cheating on any assignment will receive a 0 on that assignment.
This includes both the person who is cheating as well as the person they are cheating off of. In other words, keep your
paper covered, and do not allow other students to copy your hard work.
Students are expected to participate fully in class activities.

Students who miss class due to an excused absence or school activity a re expected to talk to the teacher the following
day to get their make-up work or to schedule a time when the work may be made up. Students who miss class due to an
unexcused absence are still required to make up any missed work, but will mot be allowed to make it up for any grade
other than a 0. Remember, it is important to complete all make-up work because it is essential to understand the
material that you missed, and essential for understanding the next section that we cover. IT IS THE STUDENT’S

Students will be expected to keep a notebook in which they keep their notes, labs, quizzes, tests, and other assignments
in chronological order. An organized notebook will be your chief study guide in this class, and will help you succeed in my

All work to be turned in will be in either pencil or blue or black ink. Assignments written in pink, green, purple, turquoise,
orange, metallic, milky pastel or definitely RED INK will NOT be accepted. They will be returned to you immediately.

There will be NO EATING, or DRINKING, in the classroom. This is for your safety. This is a science laboratory and a
classroom, not a cafeteria.

Hats and other headgear are not to be worn inside the school, including the classroom. Leave them in your locker.

Notes are not to be passed or read in class. They will be confiscated and sent home after 2 notes are collected.

All school rules, policies, and procedures listed in the Student Handbook are also in effect in the classroom.

30% tests
30% quizzes and labs
40% homework, class work, and other assignments
Notebook (preferably a 1 inch three ring binder)
Pencils or blue/black pens
Colored pencils

Curriculum covered in this class:
Scientific Investigation - (SOL’s ES.1a-e, ES.2a-f, ES.3a-d)
Scientific process, variable manipulation, technology used in the classroom.
Geology - (SOL’s ES.4a, ES.5a-b, ES.6a-c, ES.7a-e, ES.8a-c, ES.9a-b, ES.10a-d)
Study of the Earth, which includes rocks and their origins; Earth’s resources; weathering and erosion; plate tectonics;
how and why earthquakes, mountains, and volcanoes occur; the geology of Virginia
Groundwater Studies - (SOL’s Es.9c-e)
Water tables, wells, springs, artesian formations, caverns; pollution of groundwater supplies and its implications
Meteorology - (SOL’s ES.4b-d,ES.12a-e, ES.13a-c)
Study of the weather and the atmosphere, including the structure of the atmosphere; investigating cloud formation and
classification, winds, air pressure; formation and characteristics of hurricanes, monsoons, tornadoes, and other severe
weather; global climates and how they have changed over the history of the Earth.
Oceanography - (SOL’s ES.4d, ES.11a-e)
Study of the ocean, including the properties of ocean water, geography of the ocean floor, and ocean currents.
Astronomy - (SOL’s ES.4c, ES.14 a-b)
Study of space, including galaxies, stars, and our solar system
If anyone has any questions or concerns that they wish to discuss with me, I am always available before or
after school as well as during my planning period every day. Please feel free to email me or call me at Massaponax High
School. The number for the school is (540) 710-0419 if you would like to leave a message in my voicemail box, and I will
return your call as soon as possible.

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