Problems and Solutions

  • Assemble in randomly assigned groups.
  • Obtain two scenario descriptions and discuss them in your group.
  • Decide on one scenario, and think of a reactive and a proactive solution.
  • Use the "Scenario Solution" template to prepare a solution to a scenario to share with the class.
  • Link your solution to its scenario by editing the table below.
  • Choose a presenter from your group to share your solution with the class.

Proactive Solution Ideas
Reactive Solution Ideas
#1 - Computer Misuse
Computer Misuse - Jay

#2 - Theft
Stolen Balance Theft!
Stolen balance
#3 - Messiness
Lab Cleanup

#4 - Blurting out
Pro and Reactive

#5 - No Homework

#6 - Copying

#7 - First B
uh Oh....tears
uh Oh...tears
#8 - Failing Student
Help the Student Pass