Massaponax High School
Ms. Casselberry
Welcome to the amazing world of chemistry! Chemistry is all around us, from the air that
we breathe to the water that we drink. Therefore, the purpose of a chemistry class is to
learn about the world. Wow, that’s a big topic as well as an exciting one!
Chemistry will give you one credit of science in high school, out of the required three. It
is also valuable to have when looking into colleges.
This year we will be covering many topics starting with the periodic table and ending
with the periodic table, ☺. Yes, those symbols do mean something and we will make sure
we know it all. We will also cover the following topics: atomic structure, chemical
formulas, balanced equations, molar relationships, and the kinetic theory.
1. Come to class prepared – paper, pencil, book, BRAIN, etc.
2. RESPECT – respect yourself as well as others.
3. Keep cell phones, pagers, and other devices off and away at all times! 1st time: Warning. 2nd time: Will be confiscated until the end of period. 3rd time: Will be confiscated and taken to the office.
4. One “Get Out of Jail Free” pass per semester – used for bathroom or an
emergency. Must have your pass or you will serve detention.
5. Class begins when the bell rings and ends when the teacher dismisses you.
Starting Class:
Each class begins with a Bell Ringer. All bell ringers must be recorded in a
notebook with both the question and the answer. These questions are usually seen again
on test or quizzes. Use them as a study tool.
The moment the bell rings you should be in your seat and quietly recording and
answering the bell ringer using your notes or book (not a friend). We will then discuss the
answers together.
Grades are determined using points. In one semester we will have about 800 points total.
So, if you earned 700 out of 800 points, then what will be your grade?
Answer question here:
Points are earned by completing assignments, such as: homework, class work, test,
quizzes, and labs.
The Official Grading Scale:
A = 94 – 100
B = 86 – 93
C = 78 – 85
D = 70 – 77
F = 0 – 69