Welcome to the teacherknowledge wikispace. This space was used to collect and produce resources during a secondary science teaching methods course in the Fall of 2006. During our course, students explored the National Science Education Standards and planned high school science units that addressed important concepts in their particular branches of science.

All of the students' work is posted in this wiki somewhere. The purpose of creating this wiki was to explore how a wiki could be used in a preservice context to accumulate knowledge about teaching science that students could come back to and use after they started teaching.

Though you are welcome to browse, only members of the site can make changes/additions. You can learn more our our course on the About ED 422page. Since this site was designed to collect work in a specific course, it would not be appropriate to for others to add to the collection. I am surprised at how popular this wikispace seems to be. According to its statistics, it gets ~300 visitors per day. - fogleman fogleman Jan 14, 2007

I have since continued this effort in similar classes at the University of Rhode Island. Our current wiki, URITeacherknowledge, is only open to URI students. If you'd like to discuss wiki-centric teaching methods, please feel free to send me a message. My science methods students occasionally post some of their work at RIScienceTeachers. Join us there!