Assessment Program

We did both formative and summative assessment in this unit design. We have a full example of our summative assessment in the lesson sequence and we have formative assessment questions embedded within each lesson plan to show how we will go about assessing students throughout the unit. The use of worksheets, diligent observation and guided questions from the teacher make up the formative assessment we will be conducting. It is important to do formative assessment, because it allows the teacher to gauge student progress on learning the material. It also allows the students to gauge their own understanding of the material. For the teacher, formative assessment can result in course corrections, as the teacher speeds up or slows down to keep pace with the students. For the student, it can indicate what he or she needs to study more thoroughly. We also performed summative assessment in order to assign grades for the unit. While it is not included in the unit design, we would probably consider a follow-up to the summative assessment, which allows the students to correct the material that they missed on the test.

Quist and Holoweski - Genes and DNA Unit Design

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